Preparing Your Fence for Winter

Preparing Your Fence for Winter

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that falling snow can be a beautiful sight. Here in the Delaware Valley, we get an average of about 20 inches of snow per year. Have you ever stopped to think about how harsh winter can be on your fence? We’re here to give you some winter fence tips and let you know how you can prepare for winter’s frozen grip, so you can keep your fence standing strong.

Trim Your Trees

snow on branchIn winter, Christmas trees aren’t the only trees that should be “trimmed.” If you have any trees near your fence line, you should take care to cut back any branches that sit close to or above the fence. This will help prevent those branches from breaking off under the weight of snow and hitting your fence. Doing this simple maintenance can save you the fence repair later!

Be Careful Where You Plow

If your fence is close to your driveway, be careful to avoid piling the snow up near the fence when shoveling or plowing. The weight of the snow could potentially cause your fence to sag, warp, or fall over. We have also seen many fences get knocked over by the plow itself, so make sure you’re driving responsibly!

Make Your Fence Visible

If your fence sits near a road, it’s at a greater risk of being hit in the winter. If there’s snow on the ground it can be very difficult to see a fence, especially if it’s white. To avoid your fence being hit, you can place reflectors on your fence to increase visibility.

Don’t Let The Snow Build Up

winter fence snow iceSnow sitting on a fence is one of the prettiest sights of winter. But wood fences absorb water, and being too saturated for long periods of time may cause mold, mildew or rot. You can help avoid this situation by brushing the snow off your fence. Just be sure to use something soft, like a broom or a gloved hand, to avoid damaging the fence. You can also stain or seal your fence to waterproof it, which will help prevent mold, mildew and rot.

Fix Your Fence Before Winter Comes

Before the snow starts to fall, check your fence for any loose boards or damage. Repairing the fence before the winter weather comes will help keep your fence strong through the winter.


If you live in an area that gets snow in the winter, keep these tips in mind! And if you need advice or help with your fence, give us a call anytime.